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I was born in Baku. In my childhood as a result of my spinal column trauma I had been lying in a hospital motionless for four years. Till the age of 12 I had been wearing a therapeutic gypsous corset. After persistent training, already in a secondary school, I took part in competitions common to the entire city, defending the honor of the sport school. Overcoming diseases of the body and misfortunes I understood the importance of an optimistic perception of the future and the belief in ability of Man and the Mankind to overcome present and future difficulties. I have been engaged in popularization the idea of endless abilities of a Man and immortality of the Mankind all my mature life.  

I consider my scientific and fantastic short stories, stories, films and canvas end designs of Space colonies as my contribution (according to my strength) to the matter of the optimistic Space sense forming. After I have changed of many professions and jobs (from painter, animator and architect to scenarist, film producer and teacher), I convinced of the strength of art influence to a personality forming. In 1970 the cycle of my drawings and paintings brought me the Main Premium on The International Competition "The World of tomorrow" of fantast painters. Some of these paintings were devoted to the Solar System assimilation, and what's more some of them were the graphic pictures of my architect projects. Some paintings, I sent in 1969 to the Competition, were published in 1971 (together with some works of fantast painter Andrey Sokolov and cosmonaut Alexey Leonov) in an issue of one of the popular magazines of the USSR dedicated to the 10-th anniversary of the mission of Yuri Gagarin. On one of them Martian town is shown, built in a tectonic break. As it was cleared up later, the known Martian channels are nothing but a net of tectonic breaks, the slopes of which even many years ago I proposed to use as the ready walls reliably protecting from meteorites.

On the pictures of 60-th to 80-th years I permanently returned to the theme of further Space assimilation. Space colonies and towns, built in craters and rifts of the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Ganymede, towns, soaring in the atmosphere of the Venus, Jupiter, Saturn - it was the theme of my paintings and drawings of that time. Some of these works were published in books and magazines after dozens of years. Many of my paintings were devoted to Tsiolkovskiy's works, such as "Out of the Earth", "Dreams of the Earth and the Sky", "Life in inter starry space". On these canvas ("Space Madonna", "Ballet in weightlessness", "Fruit picking in a space greenhouse") the everyday life of "ether cities", as Tsiolkovskiy called the space colonies, was shown. I have always shared Tsiolkovskiy's idea, that "The Earth is a cradle of the Mankind, but it's impossible to live always in the cradle". I am sure, that only further space assimilation will give us an opportunity to decide the problem of ecology, demography, power engineering, and to avoid the Mankind ruin as a result of planet or space cataclysms.

In 1979 (being already a graduated architect) I spoke at "Tsiolkovskiy Reading" with an article titled "About forming of space colonies". In this paper problems of birth of a new "space" esthetic, formed in the environments of weightlessness and artificial gravitation, were considered. Then at the request of fellow-laborers of Tsiolkovskiy's house and museum I handed over them slides of my works, blown with works of the astronautics founder. In 1980 I took part at the telecast, during which experts (there were scientists, engineers and cosmonauts at the transmission) were interested in my design "A big cone", developing Tsiolkovskiy's ideas taking into account the possibilities of contemporary technologies. In my b "A Big Cone" space colony in details. After graduating from the High Courses of scenarists and stage-managers (in 1984) I shot more than ten fantastic animated films, in which I took part as a scenarist, stage-manager and designer-producer.

In my films I tried to popularize the idea of a possibility of endless development of the Earth civilization in the course of further space assimilation. My animated films, such as b b

In 1994 my b Being a student of the Architecture Institute I designed Childrenb

After a time I persuade more and more, that contemporary achievement of science and technology have to be mobilized to awake desire of children and teenagers for knowledge of Universe secrets and to instill the optimistic view of the human future in their sense. My report on this theme was presented on the UNESCO conference.  A proper education is the only true way to forming of a harmonic man. When creative labor becomes the need, bringing an enjoyment, when a man overcomes his egoistic basis and realize himself not only as an original personality, but also as a particle of the Mankind, only then it becomes a reality to create the harmonic society.

I hope people, having power and money, will understand sooner or later the importance of creation of a similar Childrenb

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