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Having glanced on this page you have an opportunity to familiarize with my creative laboratory, to pass some kind of the master-class, to see fragments of my musical clips, advertising rollers and films, to get acquainted with fragments of my new articles, stories, novels, scripts of comics and futurological development in the field of architecture (including - space).


a painter - I have drawn more than 400 pictures and painted more than 200 paintings. In exhibition galleries on this site only a small part of my artist works is presented.

See the galleries of my artist work


artist-animator and an artist-producer of animated films - more than 50 personages to different animated films are created by me. Some of them are presented in the gallery, the other you can see in fragments of the animated films.


a scenarist and a film producer -  made films, music and advertising clips, are enough various...


a writer -  since the middle of the seventeenth my science-fiction stories and short stories have been published in newspapers, magazines and almanacs. In December of 2002 my “Unrevealed Secrets of the Past” popular-scientific book for children (with elements of scientific fantasy) of “Labirint” publishing house got for sale. If you book this one on the site, you will get it with my autograph. I present a few science-fiction stories and a short story




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