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Below the works listed kinds are carried out by me and my studio. I guarantee the creative approach and high workmanship. It is possible to get acquainted with a level of execution in section "CREATIVITY" where as it is possible to overlook fragments from cartoon films, clips, to read through stories.

the name of production


Landscapes, still-lifes, custom-made pictures on the set theme, copies of pictures (including, author's copies from pictures)

from 350 Euros

Oil portraits on a canvas, a dry brush on a paper, a pastel, a water color, etc.

from 300 Euros

Sale before the executed picturesque and graphic works (including from a collection)


Reproductions of works

from 50 Euros


other offers


Manufacturing of musical and advertising clips, representation and presentation rollers and other production on videocassettes or digital carriers


Manufacturing of posters, covers of books, boards, calendars, processing on a computer of photos, manufacturing of computer collages, computer the schedule, etc.


Shooting of a portfolio

(Art, computer processing)




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